Pro-Pregnancy Belly Band

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Mummas No More Back Pain!

Mummas, is your baby bump causing back pain? Australia's #1 Pro-Pregnancy Belly Band Frees Every Aussie Mother of Back Pain & Pelvic Pain, Prevents Severe Stretch Marks & Supports Postpartum Recovery.

Pro-Pregnancy Belly Band is a versatile and affordable maternity support garment that can be worn safely throughout pregnancy and postpartum, including after a C-section. Our pregnancy support band has been recommended by Certified Australian pediatricians & obstetricians.

Pro-Pregnancy Belly Band can be a lifesaver during all stages of pregnancy, providing much-needed relief by supporting the weight of your growing belly. Not only does it help to ease back and pelvic pain, but it can also reduce the risk of over-stretching, which can cause muscle separation and umbilical herniation.

About Our Pregnancy Belly Band

Our Belly Band stabilizes joints and ligaments that are stressed due to pregnancy swelling or weight gain. Distributing the baby’s weight evenly over your abdomen and lower back and balancing the center of gravity, helps release muscle pain. 

Our Pregnancy Belly Band doesn’t limit flexibility, Wearing it helps to balance the center of gravity, and this allows mothers to feel supported during daily activities, promoting a more comfortable and healthy pregnancy.

Why You Will Love It!

  Instantly Relieves Back Aches And Pregnancy Pains.  

✔  Prevents  Severe Stretch Marks, Varicose Veins & Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (SPD)

✔  Dramatically Reduces Pressure On the Bladder and Pelvic Area.

✔  Gentle Compression To Hold Your Little One In The Right Position & Facilitates Proper Posture

  Supports Mothers To Be Active At Every Stage Of Pregnancy

✔  3-in-1: Safe To Be Worn During Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy & After C-Section.

 Quick Postpartum Recovery- Facilitates Heal From Diastasis Recti

✔  Comfortable, Breathable & Invisible Under Clothes  

✔  15-Day Money Back Guarantee

✔  Australian Owned & Shipped From Australia

Pregnancy Belly Band Worn At All Stages Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Belly Band Use Beyond Birth


After a C-section, your body requires special care. Targeted compression in a variety of levels and breathable fabric can help alleviate the swelling and discomfort that accompanies a C-section. It's major surgery, after all. Our Belly Band help to hold scar treatment in place and allows faster healing.


As the belly grows in size it places pressure on joints, muscles, and ligaments. Roughly 20-25% of women who experience this pain during and immediately after pregnancy continue to experience pain two and three years postpartum.

The Pregnancy Belly Band help to support a mothers growing belly, relieving of pain and preventing postpartum issues. Our Pregnancy Belly Band is recommended to be worn post-pregnancy to help weakened core muscles heal after birth like diastasis Recti( separation of core abdominal muscles).

Size Guide

*When sizing measure from the lower back to under your belly (slightly above the pubic area) or the abdominal circumference.

How To Wear the Pregnancy Belly Band

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